Beans, Bullets & Band Aids – Take Time to be Resilient

I want to get away from outdoor topics for a while to talk about what has been on my heart. These are crazy times. From rigged elections to Covid-19, we haven’t seen times like this in a long time. Maybe things suddenly improve, maybe they get worse, who knows.

You have to work to have a resilient family. I’ll make the argument that NOT building resilience is bad for your family to the point of negligence. You may not like hearing that but I think it is true.

Today, I’m going to introduce the topic of Beans, Bullets and Band Aides and explain what that means. Take 15 mins and join me for a walk through a simple frame work of basic things (some are low cost or free) you can do to prepare your family for what might come. We can’t predict the future but we can build resilient families with deep roots that are prepared to weather the storm! You can make this happen. Start today if this is a new journey or keep going if you are already on the path to resilience. Either way, lets move forward together as Americans.