Church Men’s Group Brainstorming Session

A local church wants to develop a community of men through events that resonate with the community and meet the needs of local men and also men within the church. After some mens events that really didn’t gain traction in the church, the next step was conduct a brainstorming session and solicit ideas from men in the church.

Step 1 – Define the challenge to solve

The event was driven by the main challenge question

How might we build a community that engages men?

The group also considered these specific questions

1) What type of activities help build that community?
2) What activities engage men and build community?
3) What are men missing in daily life in our area and group?

Step 2 – Idea Buckets

The idea buckets help give participants an idea of the possible scope of ideas (while not limiting the scope). Creating a mindmap is a great way to quickly create a framework of buckets. Here are the buckets for this session

Step 3 – Brainwriting

The group spent the next 20 minutes doing brainwriting. We separated and individually wrote down ideas on sticky notes. At the end of the 20 minutes we came together as a group and posted the sticky notes on the wall. Then each participant shared a brief explanation of the ideas generated with the group.

Step 4 – Time to Brainstorm

The brainwriting time helped everyone move into a creative frame of mind without the pressures of having to generate ideas in front of the group. Now, it is time to generate ideas on the fly with the group and capture them on sticky notes.

Step 5 – Vote and Expand

At the end of the session, each participant had 3 votes to allocate to any of the ideas. The votes could all be on one idea or on multiple ideas.

Then it was time for the group to expand on the top ideas and capture those concepts.

We came up with a lot a great results. These are the raw ideas without refinement.

IdeaAdditional InfoVotes
Meat cookoffCould be game or domestic or fish, but an emphasis on game, possibly in church parking lot, almost like tailgating3
Time to just talkBuilding relationships through conversation and quantity of time spent together
Deep fellowshipBuilding deeper interpersonal relationships
More friendsBuilding a community of men who crave more friends
Friendship skillsDevelop skills to build lasting friendships
Spiritual growthGrowth through understanding and practice
Regular times to chatRegular and down-to-earth and honest conversation
Mens bible study
Financial / money mgmt classesMaybe based on Dave Ramsey or Rich Dad / Poor Dad approach
Borrow-a-grandfatherGreat way to pass skills down to the younger generation
Bitcoin class
Help for deployed dads
Borrow a dadSupporting kids who have a missing or deployed dad
Musical skills group
Widower support group
Newly married mens support group
Expecting kids mens support group
Support group for men with estranged children
Men helping shut ins, elderly or others needing help
Father – son eventProviding a step in dad for kids without a strong male presence
Game cleaning eventLearn to clean deer, fish, squirrel, etc
Chicken cleaning eventLearn to process chicken
Chicken keeping eventLearn to keep chickens for eggs or meat
Fishing tournamentCould be boat, shore or pier
Pier fishing dayCould be a lake or ocean
Camping weekendCould be just recreational or also teaching camping and bushcraft skills
Confidence for men
High adventure skills for men
End of year meal for teachers
Men prepare meal for first responders and vets
Learn to garden day
Farm day – learn about life on the farmAlso include farming skills. Maybe show where food comes from
Memory games
Grandfather skillsteaching skills to other men or kids
Church wide turkey shoot
Big game nightSuperbowl?
Farm-to-fork or garden-to-fork dinner
Wonderful wednesday – eat / group bible study
Mens discussion groupVarious topics – no women allowed
Insight into world events meeting / events2
Comedy hour
Shooting instructionLearn how to shoot
Understanding wives events
Shared experience / talents
Go fishing
Cook breakfast
Car showHave it in the church parking lot1
Reloading classLearning to reload ammunition
CCW classSponsor a class at the church, could bring in lots of new faces
Gun safety classSponsor a class at the church, could bring in lots of new faces
Hunter safety classSponsor a class at the church, could bring in lots of new faces
Golf outing(s)
Men’s night at concerts, going out to eat, watch game
Current events event
Food and fellowship
Play pickup basketball
Divorce care group
Child custody and family court support group
Understand red pill philosophy
Mr nice guy forum / training / recoveryHow to break free
Breakout of imposter syndrome groupHow to break free
Port accountability group
Interface with CERTLocal community emergency response group
Build a meshtastic network for emergency communcations
Emergency communications group
Gardening / farming group
Adventure groupCamping / offroad / hiking
Food pantryHyperlocal, maybe one individual at a time
Alternatives for TV i.e. hobbies / activites
Gather food for local food banks
Men’s retreat
Go to a shooting range
Sport / entertainment viewing
Look to mentor youth
Have a big game night (harvest while hunting or fishing or trapping)Cook and eat the game or fish
Supplies for local schools
Look for ways to help elderly or handicappedMaybe build wheel chair / walker ramps
Flag football
Bible study or bible series
Volunteer / community work
Saturday at your houseGroup spends one Saturday helping a member of the group
Invite them
Community outreach
Manual labor2
Talk about it
Community athletics
Mission trips (youth involvement)
Weekend events