Podcast: Referrals & Reviews Part 2

Today’s customer, or client, if very well informed.  Much of this information comes from reviews on the internet.  The effect of internet referrals and reviews on the internet is so important that if you ignore it, your business will quickly suffer.  Lets spend a few minutes talking about how this process works and the Montie Gear process for generating great reviews on the internet.  This is the same process that took Montie Gear from $0 in sales to a six figure sales performer in 3 years.  Click on the play button below to listen.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at montie@montie.com with any comments or if we can help design and roll out your next successful product!  Our social review program is a very cost effective way to get the word out about your product.



Referrals & Reviews Part 2

Paintball Marker Stand

Hey Y’all,

Over the past few weeks we have been working on a Paintball Marker Stand. This stand can be broken down into three pieces using the pins on the sides of the stand. The marker is supported by the U-Shaped cut out in the back of the stand and the Slot in the front of the stand. The sliding cylinder, seen in the middle of the stand, allows this stand to support the marker and prevent it from falling forward and out of the stand. This slide also allows the stand to work with multiple markers. Everything is going well and we should be trying out a prototype soon.

Thanks for Reading,
Daniel Helms

Paintball Stand Render 1.WITHMARKER

Paintball Stand Render 1.WITHOUTMARKER

Paintball Stand Render 1.FRONT

Paintball Stand Render 1.BACK


We (the interns) went on a field trip this monday, to ADR Hydro-Cut. They do water jetting, and while we were there they cut out sheet metal parts according to our drawings.

IMG_20130724_150521IMG_20130724_150548 (1)

The parts arrived yesterday, so we grinded the tangs of and threw them in the washer for a couple of hours to smoothen out some sharp edges, and then they were pretty much ready to go.

IMG_20130724_151524 (1)IMG_20130724_151820

Spent a couple minutes putting it together, and it looks and feels great! I might make some minor adjustments to the drawings, adjusting the angle of the paracord braiding, and I also have to figure out how the braiding itself is done in the best possible way.

Apart from that though, they’ll be ready for anodizing/powdercoating. And with that, we’ll have a product!

/ Robin

Ball dispenser sent off for prototyping


So the belt clip ball dispenser is finally coming together. After testing more mock-up models the decision was taken not to use any plate or similar to separate the balls from the magnet, as more than one kept falling off when trying to pull only one off. Instead the magnet will be coated with a durable finish and the balls will be in direct contact with it. This simplified the design significantly, but put increased the demand on the aesthetic form of the back plate, as this now became the mail feature of the whole product. A simple plate can have many different forms:


One option was to add a top bumber to create a feeling of better encapsulating the balls, as well as giving more depth to the product. Unfortunately, the manufacturing complexity of adding this feature was greater than expected. As this would drive up the cost of the product a lot the decision was taken to put this feature on hold for now.

As for the final design the initial round magnet was kept and the plate form includes some curved lines to follow the magnet while still keeping some edges to go with the rectangular belt clip. After quite a bit of struggle finding a good form, this one actually feels pretty obvious I would say! Let’s just hope the prototype will look just as good!

Have a good weekend!

/Richard Boden


Dispeser, round, belt.210 copy

Lastest News — Montie Design Ranked in Top 50 Area Companies in Web Traffic and User Engagement by AreaStartups.com

Montie Design Ranked in Top 50 Area Companies in Web Traffic and User Engagement

National Rankings Lists Innovation and Commercialization Firm at Number 42
MORRISVILLE, N.C.–Innovation and commercialization firm Montie Design is generating enough buzz about its expertise in taking products from concept to marketplace to merit a place in the top 50 of greater Raleigh area companies in terms of user engagement and website traffic.

The rankings, from AreaStartups.com, lists Montie Design at number 42, joining such high-profile companies as Channel Advisor, iContact, SAS, Global Knowledge Training, and Bandwidth.com as online destinations for customers and prospects interested in securing top-quality products and services.

The list is compiled monthly using data to measure overall traffic and engagement. The founders of Area Startups provide the rankings to promote information about companies in each major startup geographic area across the U.S., track their progress, and deliver relevant news and job listings in the various coverage areas.

Paying special attention to achieving excellence in functionality, operability, value and aesthetics regardless of market or industry, Montie Design staffers have helped turn over 750 exciting product ideas into reality. The team is active in the product design and engineering market sector, utilizing a combined 140 years of knowledge and experience helping clients realize products that are economical to manufacture, elegant and robust.

In addition to serving customers in a myriad of industry sectors, Montie Design produces its own Montie Gear line of outdoor equipment, including a slingshot; ultralight knife; multi-purpose tree hook archery rest for sturdy support of a bow, crossbow, or rifle with a sling; a camp rack designed to hold pots, lids, serving bowls and utensils off the ground to dry after cleaning; and the popular X-Rest and AR-Rest shooting supports for hunters and recreational shooters.

All equipment in the Montie Gear line is heirloom quality, Troublesome Gap tough. Located near the peak of Hap Mountain overlooking Spring Creek, North Carolina, Troublesome Gap is a rugged mountain area where Montie Gear prototypes are tested and evaluated.

For more information contact Montie Roland, company president, at montie@montie.com.

About Montie Design

Montie Design is an innovation and commercialization firm with core competencies in mechanical engineering and industrial design. Active in the product design, defense, and technology sectors, we leverage years of industry leadership and extensive technical capabilities to help clients take products from concept to marketplace that are economical to manufacture, elegant and robust. Montie Design is a North Carolina company headquartered in the Research Triangle region with clients across the country and overseas. We are dedicated to economic development throughout our home state and furthering excellence in design and engineering. For more information, visit www.montie.com.

Whisker Biscuit Mount Update and Breakdown Arrow Holster

Hey Y’all,

This week we’ve made some progress with some accessories for the Y-Shot Slingshot and the Breakdown Arrows. The Whisker Biscuit Mount came in, it looks and works great! We still may change the design a bit more but, that’s mainly aesthetic. A few weeks ago we started working with Bob from bobsleatherworks.com and we came up with design for a holster for the Breakdown Arrow Set. This holster holds 3 arrows and fits on belts up to 2 inches wide. Expect more pictures as we do more testing.

Thanks for Reading,
Daniel Helms

DSC_7305.2DSC_7304DSC_7307.2DSC_7282.2 DSC_7279.2

Ammo dispenser update

So we’ve kept working on ammo dispensers for the slingshots. The magnets are working really well on all the concepts, and I’m confident that by the time we’re done we’re gonna have a couple of great products.

IMG_20130717_133600 IMG_20130717_134119 IMG_20130717_134622

The big advantage with the leather concept is that it has great functionality, despite a really simple design. We put shock cord through the loops in the leather, which makes it very flexible. The number of ways to attach the dispenser to just about anything seems almost endless!


Another concept from the early idea generation process that we brought back to life is a really simple construction consisting of a piece of bent aluminum plate and a single magnet. The idea is that the container encloses the balls to protect them from being pushed off if the container bumps in to something. The magnet, which sits in the bottom slot, makes sure that new ammo is automaticly feeded out as a ball is removed.


As you can see this simple mock-up already works great, although we might still have a bit of work to do when it comes to the aestethics. More of that some other time!



More slingshot accessories

Hey agin!

So the slingshot sights are sent off for prototype parts to be made and we’re all looking forward to try them out once they get back! Since then I’ve been working on developing some handy ball dispensers for the slighshot ammunition. As the most frequently used ammo for slingshots are steel balls it didn’t take long to realize that magnets could be very useful for these products!


After receiving some a bunch of different magnet samples, some early ideas were tried out by building some quick mock-up models. Most ideas worked out really well with the magnets and after a day of testing we had three pretty solid concepts; one in aluminium, one in leather and one that could go on your wrist or belt.



This friday has been spent exploring different designs for these concepts. We’re getting somewhere with all of them and the next step will be to build some more accurate prototypes to fully test the functionality. Will keep you posted  on how that goes! Below are some sketches of possible designs.


IMG_1147 IMG_1148 IMG_1151

Whisker Biscuit Mount For Y-Shot Update

Hey Y’all,

This week I’ve made some progress on the Whisker Biscuit Mount for the Y-Shot. When the Whisker Biscuit arrived there were a few problems with the dimensions but, those were worked out pretty quickly. I made a quick model from PVC and we did some testing with it. Everything went great and I’m working on the aesthetics of the design. A prototype is in the works based on the rendering in the pictures but, the design might change some more.

Thanks for Reading,
Daniel Helms

Whisker Biscuit For Y-Shot Front

Whisker Biscuit Mount For Y-Shot Back


Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest Distance Test Medium Quality Video

Podcast: Referrals & Reviews Part 1

Today’s customer, or client, if very well informed.  Much of this information comes from reviews on the internet.  The effect of internet referrals and reviews on the internet is so important that if you ignore it, your business will quickly suffer.  Lets spend a few minutes talking about how this process works and the Montie Design process for generating great reviews on the internet.  Click on the play button below to listen.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at montie@montie.com with any comments or if we can help design and roll out your next successful product!



Referrals & Reviews Part 1

Single Point Rifle Sling Prototype

Hey Guys! I’m the last of the summer interns to introduce myself! My Name is Brett Holmes. I’m an Ohio native (GO BUCKEYES!) enjoying my new home here in North Carolina.  I’m a Drafting and Design student at ITT-Tech. I’ve been working on a single point rifle sling. This includes any rifle from a hunting rife to an AR. It makes long hikes and foot marches easier to bear by taking the weight off of the users arms and puts it on their backpack or vest.

Strap Assembly Pic 1

In this picture i was working on assembly instructions for the slings 5-50 cord section.

Strap assembly pic 2

Here’s the finished 5-50 cord section of the sling. As you can imagine this was a fairly complicated pattern to learn however, I enjoyed the challenge! I’m looking forward to keeping you guys updated on the progress of the Sling!! Check in next week for more pictures and news on the great things happening here at Montie Design!!


Brett Holmes

Montie Gear Y-shot Wrist Adapter – Robin

Hello everyone!

My name is Robin, and I’m the next summer intern in line to introduce myself. Just like Richard, I’m an Indutrial Design Engineering student from Chalmers University in Sweden, and just like Richard, I’ve started working with accessories for the Y-shot. My main project so far has been a wrist support. This will unload the stress on the wrist, which can be significant if you’re shooting a lot or if you’re using a strong rubber band.


I tested a few mock-ups to get an approximation of the right dimensions, and to make sure that the side brackets wouldn’t get in the way of the hand.


Since the Gloveshot has a similar function to the wrist adapter, and the same design language as the Y-shot, it was my main inspiration during the sketching process.


I finished the drawings for the prototype a couple of days ago, so now we’re just waiting for the side brackets to arrive. Can’t wait to put it together!

To be continued.


Whisker Biscuit Mount for Y-Shot Slingshot

I’m Daniel, an intern at Montie Design this summer and I’ll be starting my Senior year in Industrial Design at Appalachian State University this fall. I’ve been working on a Whisker Biscuit Mount for the Y-Shot Slingshot and it’s going pretty well.

I started by looking into ways that people were already shooting arrows from slingshots and ran across a video by Dave Cantebury. Dave was using a simple keyring and a few pieces of rubber to shoot arrows from his slingshot. This looked like a great idea to me, so I used the Y-Shot Arrow Rest with some pieces of shock cord to make a similar set up. It worked great but, a whisker biscuit would be better. This gave me an idea for how to mount the whisker biscuit and use brackets from the Y-Shot Arrow Rest.

The concept is a tube that will hold the whisker biscuit in place and use shock and cable to attach to the Y-Shot brackets. So far, everything is going well and we should be working on a model soon.

Thanks for Reading,
Daniel Helms

Key Ring Arrow Rest Adapted from Dave Cantebury

Whisker Biscuit Mount Concept

Podcast: Cost to Manufacture vs MSRP

Over the years, we’ve found that there is a general lack of knowledge regarding the relationship of the cost to manufacture and selling price.  I would like to take a few minutes and explain why sales costs are normally more than 2 times the cost of producing most products.  Understanding the costs associated with taking a product from manufactured good to a purchased product is important for the entrepreneur, seasoned engineer or businessman.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or comments or to discuss how we can put our experience to use for your today!

Cost to Manufacture vs MSRP