Ammo dispenser update

So we’ve kept working on ammo dispensers for the slingshots. The magnets are working really well on all the concepts, and I’m confident that by the time we’re done we’re gonna have a couple of great products.

IMG_20130717_133600 IMG_20130717_134119 IMG_20130717_134622

The big advantage with the leather concept is that it has great functionality, despite a really simple design. We put shock cord through the loops in the leather, which makes it very flexible. The number of ways to attach the dispenser to just about anything seems almost endless!


Another concept from the early idea generation process that we brought back to life is a really simple construction consisting of a piece of bent aluminum plate and a single magnet. The idea is that the container encloses the balls to protect them from being pushed off if the container bumps in to something. The magnet, which sits in the bottom slot, makes sure that new ammo is automaticly feeded out as a ball is removed.


As you can see this simple mock-up already works great, although we might still have a bit of work to do when it comes to the aestethics. More of that some other time!