We are Your Engineering Team on Demand

Cutaway View of SGBlue Air PurifierDoes your need a team of engineers and designers that can:

  • help you develop your product
  • manage the project and engineering team
  • provide engineers and industrial designers on a fractional basis
  • create beautiful and well thought out concepts that your customers will love
  • do the mechanical and electrical engineering to make it work
  • create firmware and software to make it come alive
  • advise you on where to manufacture your product inexpensively
  • leverage our existing relationships to connect you with trusted vendors and suppliers
  • train your people on the design, engineering and manufacturing processes you need

Leverage Our Trusted Connections

We’ll be with you every step of the way, connecting you with the people and organizations you need.  This saves you time and money because we make sure that you are working with the right vendors from the beginning, removing doubt and fear.  You need vendors who can effectively produce your product with integrity and character.  We use our decades of experience with these vendors to help you select the right one the first time.  Having those trusted relationships in place allows you to concentrate your efforts on other tasks, such as marketing, sales and management of your organization.

Vendor or Joint Venture

Many clients are recognizing the need for joint venture parts on some projects.  Other projects just need a vendor who can execute to design, engineer, prototype and prepare a product for manufacturing.  One of the keys to being a successful consultancy is flexibility.  You determine the depth of the engagement with us, we respond.  Sometimes you need us to just fill in the gap in your engineering team.  Other times you need a partner who will engage with you for many years, effectively integrating into your organization to provide services to move your product through design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and product rollout (think press releases, social reviews and contract manufacturer support).  We’re ready to serve you in projects big and small.  Email info@montie.com or call 1-800-722-7987 today.


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