Social Reviews

Customers search for online reviews before buying. We can help you achieve those reviews! We manage the process and work with writers and bloggers to generate expert reviews by reviewers your customers trust. Our process gets your product known and helps build social reviews on the internet. Those are the reviews customers seek before deciding to purchase your product.

Success Story – We use the same process for your product that we’ve used with our own Montie Gear products. The Montie Gear line started in 2009. Montie Gear products had more than $100,000 in sales in 2012, three years after the first Montie Gear product was launched! The product line has had numerous accolades from industry professionals. The number of Montie Gear products with reviews on the internet has been heavily driven by our Social Reviews program.

When influential writers and bloggers review your products, it helps drive sales. When social reviews first debut, those same reviews serve as testimonials and online reviews for later customers who are interested in purchasing the product but want to read a review first. Social reviews don’t replace advertising, but they provide information customers are searching for on the internet before they purchase. If a potential customer is considering purchasing your product, then finding a number of social reviews can help him make the decision to purchase. Here is an example of a great social review of the Montie Gear Y-Shot slingshot:


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