Chickens vs Ducks vs Geese

How to choose which to get!

More and more people are concerned about food security. A few years ago, the concept of food security was relegated to discussions of the distance food traveled to reach the grocery store. The United States is awakening to the terrible fact that politics impacts your ability to obtain food for your family. We watch as federal, often state and local governments, put misguided ideologies in place instead of commen sense. Don’t be a victim of malicious and power hungry people who seem to want more and more power over you. They take control so they can have power.

You can take that power back. Raise part of your food. Backyard chickens are a great way to do that. Self-reliance is now critical to protecting your family from the whims or politicians who want to rule your life and will do anything to have power over you, including taking away your food. This would have sounded crazy a few years ago, but after the last year, it just doesn’t seem all that far fetched.

A great way to raise part of your food is backyard chickens and ducks. Homegrown eggs are wonderful and nutritious. Listen into this podcast as we discuss the practical differences between chickens and ducks and geese when it comes to raising your own food.