Win by Buying Food from Your Local Farm

Local farms work hard for customers. Local farms can provide wholesome foods. Local farms are robust and will still be there long after the food supply chain breaks down. Support your local farms, have a more self-reliant community and get wonderful fresh foods. Let’s talk about how to do this.

There are many CSA in the US. One example is Local Harvest ( They provide listings of local farms that want to do business with you. Many of these farms don’t have a presence at the local farmers market so this is a good way to do business with them and support a more self-reliant community!

Here are some pictures from local farms that Connie took this summer. Check out a farm near you.

Farms come in all shapes and sizes
Somewhere there is a farm with herbs that you need, might be right down the street
Freeze dried blueberries – can be stored for 25 years!
So much is available at a farm near you