Montie Gear Contest – Ends Friday! Write a review and enter the contest with Montie Gear prizes

The best reviews are candid and list what you like about the book and what you don’t. Comments that just say it is wonderful are good, but comments that explain why you like the book are the most valuable to other potential readers.

Right now there are 6 people who posted reviews and 12 prizes!

Reviews due by 15 March to qualify for the contest.

The free book was downloaded hundreds of times.  If you read the book and didn’t like it, please send an email to  Feedback is really helpful because it helps me to know if I should continue with the series.  Approximately 500 hundred free copies were downloaded.  If you like the book then please leave a review on Amazon.  It really helps.

How to Leave a Helpful Review on Amazon


Once you create your review and it is posted on Amazon, please email me at To be eligible for the contest you must post your review and send me an email with a screen shot or your reviewer name and date of review. I’ll collect those and add them to the drawing. The drawing occurs on Saturday March 16th.

The prizes for the drawing are:

1st Prize – Montie Gear DIY Slingshot kit – Get the kit for your own slingshot. These slingshots are highly rated around the world.

Check out Joerg Sprave’s review on the slingshot channel at:

or check out the slingshot on the Montie Gear website:

2nd Prize – Montie Gear X-Rest – Great for supporting your rifle or long camera lens.

3rd Prize – Paperback copy of “Family Camping”. I have 10 of these to give away.

Important Dates

March 15, 2019 – make sure your review is complete and send me an email with your name as it shows up on the review and the date of the review. Please include a screen shot of the review if possible. My email is

March 16, 2019 – drawing for prizes