ProductCampRTP This Weekend

Come join me at ProductCampRTP on Saturday, June 16th from 8AM to Noon in Morrisville, NC for a morning designed to sharpen your product development, ideation and design skills!  This event is free, but you have to RSVP at  For more information visit:


RFID Field Detector by Montie Design

We are proud to announce the release of our second generation RFID troubleshooting tool, called the RFID Field Detector.  This simple tool allows a technician to find the extents of a 900MHz RFID field eliminating the guesswork that was needed before.  Our core competency is mechanical engineering and industrial design, so I’m very pleased that the Montie Design staff and family of contributors can design a product that meets a complex radio frequency need in a simple and affordable way.  Find out more about this new tool at  Download the brochure by clicking here.


Spring Creek Rapid Manufacturing Facility

We are in the process of standing up a rapid manufacturing facility in Spring Creek, NC.  This facility makes use of the very capable individuals in western North Carolina while providing low cost services to Montie Design clients and providing jobs to fellow North Carolinians in a very beautiful and remote, but economically depressed area.

Two weeks ago we conducted training on how to build the mighty Montie Gear slingshots.  Last weekend we installed the first two pieces of equipment in the facility.  These two upholstery-grade sewing machines bring us one step closer to our planned introduction of the cloth bags for the AR-Rest and X-Rest.

This facility is designed to give us the capability of providing rapid manufacturing services to Montie Design clients, cost effectively bridging the gap between prototypes and full scale production.  We are using the Montie Gear production as the means of developing the team so they are ready when you need them.  Taking a trip to the beautiful Spring Creek area of WNC is definitely easier and a lot more fun than spending 20 hours on the plane just to reach the pacific rim.  Hopefully you’ll give our Spring Creek team the opportunity to show you what we can.


Join Us at NCMBC Advanced technologies Symposium

Please join us in our booth at the 2012 NC Advanced Technologies Symposium on July 17th, 2012 in Chapel Hill.  I’m proud to serve as a member if one of the expert panels for the event.  Register for the event at


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