Special Forces Capabilities Exercise at Ft. Bragg

When I got invited to observe the CAPEX event at Ft. Bragg, I was pretty excited.  Once the day arrived there was no disappointment.  What a great day seeing the tools and techniques that these great soldiers use to keep our country safe!

Close Combat Demonstration

My Opportunity to Fire an MP-5 in Full Auto

My Ride Home

View out of the Back of the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

2012 Montie Design / Montie Gear Student Design Contest Winners

The results are in!  Luca Harrell took first place with his wet/dry storage and sink product.  Jake Eck took second with hi comfortable cooking product.  Luca has joined us for the summer as an intern and is very busy working out a plan to make his concept a commercial reality.  You can see their entries by visiting the Montie Gear site.


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