Alphabet Soup, Who’s Your Product Presentations Now Available

You asked for it — you got it! Two of our most popular 2011 Lunch and Learn presentations from Barry Cox of Wyle Labs and Jeff Smith from Montie Design and Trajectory Business Services are now available for download and viewing.

Barry’s presentation shares important insights related to the business of developing and bringing engineered products to market:

Alphabet Soup: The Acronyms and Steps of Military Contracting

In his seminar, Jeff provided step-by-step guidance on creating and conveying the identity for a product, service, or business by selecting the most effective name for it:

Who’s Your Product–Putting the Right Name on What You Sell

The next Montie Design Lunch and Learn is “Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements: Understanding their Role and Practical Tips” on March 2nd featuring John Slaughter, intellectual property attorney of the law firm Moore & Van Allen.

In this seminar, John will provide an understanding of how confidentiality agreements fit into the context of intellectual property rights, and how they can be used to protect your rights in business transactions.  He will discuss different types of confidentiality agreements, different terms commonly found in such agreements, and practical tips on which types of and terms in confidentiality agreements are appropriate for different situations.

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