Mining Cash From Your Manufacturing Operations

Mining Cash From Your Manufacturing Operations

Thursday, October 21, 2010
11:30am – 1:30pm
100 Dominion Drive, Suite 101
Morrisville, NC 27560

The financial meltdown has made access to capital very difficult to obtain and expensive for many companies.    This event will explain what steps manufacturing businesses can take to take advantage of substantial amounts of stored cash in most, if not all enterprises, not only within their four walls but within their supply-chains as well.  The good news is that these tools can be quickly deployed to free up cash now.

What will be covered:
The impact of the “Great Recession” had on the Manufacturing Sector
The difference between “push” and “pull” supply chains
How can modern supply chain methodologies impact the bottom line
Critical KPIs (Key Performance Indices) to track to make bottom line improvements.


Stephen Parker is CEO of KPISolutions. His career spans over twenty-five years, with experience in manufacturing, international commerce, executive management, corporate growth strategies, sales, technology development, and corporate financing.

He is renowned as a capital efficient restructuring expert. He holds patents in lean enabling technologies and has worked with a number of large corporations implementing world class efficiency improvement programs including NTT, Bharti, AT&T, Singapore Tel, MCI, BT, Hong Kong Tel, IBM, Telstra, Verizon, Bell Canada, Time Warner Telecom, China Unicom, Toyota, Danaher, Saudi Telephone, New Zealand Tel, Helsinki Telephone, GTE, and the Russian Ministry of to name a few. With an under graduate focus in Technology Management, Stephen has completed executive MBA studies at the University of Virginia–Darden School and the Harvard School of Business.  He has been a frequent guest speaker at numerous global conferences on technology, market management and “The Impact of the Financial Market Meltdown”.

Montie Design is a collaborative product design and development firm with core competencies in industrial design, mechanical engineering and product commercialization.  The firm has been successful in helping many manufacturing companies develop innovative new product lines and profit centers.

Business Capital Finance provides manufacturing companies with financial solutions including expansion capital, working capital, debt reduction and restructuring.

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Admission: $20