Merry Christmas!

Montie Design Update

Wishing You a Merry Christmas!

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Two thousand and nine has been a year of ups and downs for just about everyone.

We’ve had some successes and challenges.  I would like to thank our clients for your patronage of Montie Design.  I would also like to thank our contributors and staff for helping make those successes happen.

While we were designing products for clients, we were also able to release three Montie Design-branded products this year.  One is an RFID troubleshooting tool.  The other two are shooting rests for rifles, shotguns and pistols.  These products are laboratory for us.  These products give us the opportunity to experience the trials of bring new products to market, which in turn sharpens our skills in helping clients do likewise.

The RFID Detector tool allowed us to release a simple product that has now been sold to users in over seven countries.  When we started the project, I really had no idea that Montie Design would have to become an exporter.

Introducing the X-Rest (lightweight version shown above) required a systematic public relations, sales and marketing campaign.  The experience was such an eye opener that we have put together a presentation about the process we used to design and market the X-Rest.
Of course, testing is an important part of developing any product.  Repeated testing helped us improve the product as we worked through the design process.   It was also a lot of fun.
We’re mostly done with our move to the new office.  Our goal is to be completely settled in by January 1st.  Our new office gives us a significantly bigger shop area, a second conference / focus group room, incoming inspection area and dedicated work areas for projects.  Our new address is:

100 Dominion Dr., Suite 101

Morrisville, NC 27560

Give me a call, or send me an email, if this was helpful or if you have topics that you would like to see in future updates.  Don’t forget to call when you are ready for us to contribute to the success of your project!

Montie Roland
Montie Design

About Montie Design

Montie Design is a collaborative product design and  development firm with core competencies in industrial design,  mechanical engineering and fuzzy front end services. Implementing  a client-centric approach in taking products from concept to  marketplace, Montie Design balances vision with usability in  realizing products that are economical to manufacture, elegant and robust. The firm operates out of the Research Triangle  Park region of North Carolina with access to industry-leading  technology, resources and innovative thought. For more  information, visit