We Manufacture Awesome Products

The process to manufacturing your product is critical to designing a winning and profitable product.  Montie Design can design and engineer your product, then help you find the right vendors to manufacture your product.  We’ll walk with you as quickly go from concept to manufactured product in boxes on the loading dock ready to ship to your new customers.

Prototype and Low Volume Runs

  • We utilize our Raleigh, NC facility for prototypes
  • For low volume runs, we use our Spring Creek, NC facility

High Volume Runs Suitable for Contract Manufacturing

  • We introduce you to quality contract manufacturers (domestic and international)
  • Provide sustaining engineering for the life of the product to keep down your stress level
Slingshot cut from aluminum using an abrasive waterjet process.
Slingshot Cut from Aluminum using Abrasive Waterjet Process.
Aluminum EMP Resistant Ready for Welding
Aluminum EMP Resistant Box Ready for Welding
Manufacturing awesome products using a variety of processes including CNC machining, abrasive waterjet cutting, sheet metal, rotational molding, injection molding, printed circuit boards (pcbs).
We Manufacture Awesome Products!

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