Getting Feedback from Customers

The landscape of the average person is a very connected one.  As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with requests for our time and attention.  Surveys and focus groups only capture a sliver of the wealth of ideas and opinion that your customers already have.  Customers have amazingly valuable opinions and ideas for improving your product and customer service.  Maybe customer A has an idea for your next ground breaking, earth shattering product.  The dilemma is how do you engage your customers in a cost-effective manner.

Napkin Labs has risen to the challenge.  They are offering a service that provides a collaborative framework for customer engagement.  It even rewards participants using a point system.  Why not give your customers the opportunity to become super customers in the eyes of their fellow customers.  I like the idea.  Here are a couple of videos that describe the Napkin Labs approach.

Introduction to the Napkin Labs Way


Tour of the Napkin Labs User Interface and Overview of the Workflow