Rifle Rest

X-Rest Lightweight Montie Design has offers a wide variety of services, but it is awesome when we get to work on products where we share a great deal of passion. When you design firearms accessories it is important carefully understand the context, user issues, technical requirements and the aesthetic expecations. The initial product in this line for Montie Gear is the X-Rest. The success of this product lead to four other spin off products that use the same platform. Check out our work at MontieGear.com.


Capabilities Applied / Processes

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Mechanical Drawings / Documentation, Design for Local Manufacturing, Low Volume Manufacturing, Test & Evaluation Program Mgmt / Social Review, Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, CNC Machining, Extruded Rubber / EPDM Part Design

Project Scope

Complete project responsibility from market analysis, concept development, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, marketing and management of the test and evaluation program / social reviews.


Consumer Product – Sporting Goods, Firearms Accessory

Prototype Provided

Consumer Product – Sporting Goods, Firearms Accessory

Processes Used to Build Prototype

Abrasive Waterjet, Abrasive Media Tumbling, CNC Machining, Powder Coat Finish