Let Us Build Your Prototype

The secret to a successful prototype is defining the expectations of the audience. Some prototypes need to be 100% functional and resemble the product unit in every way possible. Other times, prototypes just need enough detail to communicate an early stage concept. We work hard to understand the anticipated used and audience and then match the level of fit, finish, and function to the expectations and needs of the audience, while keeping the cost under control and delighting the audience.

We are one of the few firms that provide prototypes made using rotational molding. Ask us today about how we can take the best prototyping processes and quickly create the prototypes you need.

Services Available

Processes we use to build your prototype:
Manual Mill and Lathe
Rotational Molding and Casting
3D Printing
Stereolithography (SLA)
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
CNC Machining
Waterjet Machining
Laser Cutting
Vacuforming / Thermoforming

Example Projects

LED High Bay Lighting Fixture
LED Billboard Lighting Fixture
Wearable Medical Device
Airflow Testing Mockup for Rackmount Equipment
Snowmobile Accessory
Firearms Accessories
Camping Equipment

Equipment List

Mill, Knee, Bridgeport with 2 axis DRO
Lathe, Tool Room, Monarch with digital drive
Rotational Molder, Honarota 421T
Vacuformer, Homemade
Tumbler, 3 Cubic Foot
Tumbler, Small
Break, Hand
Table Saw, 3Hp
Band Saw, Delta, 14-1/2″
Saw, Cutoff with Aluminum Cutting Blade
Saw, Horizontal
Drill Press, 15.5″
Helicoil Inserters, Pneumatic, Multiple Sizes
Belt Sander
Scroll Saw, Import
Heat Gun, Pro Heat
Heat Plate, Thermolyne 2000 (x2)
Spot Welder
Abrasive Grinding Wheel, Wissota
Belt Sander, Wet, Covington Engineering
Various Power and Hand Tools
RFID Tag / Field Detector Calibration Stand, Homemade
Photo Booth and Nikon DSLR
Basic Metrology Equipment
Workstations with SolidWorks

hunter's friend proto_500 wideClear Enclosure for Air Flow TestingWearable Medical Device Prototype

muzzle break2