TEM / SEM Electron Microscope Sample Holder

Sample Holder Montie Design offers a variety of services including mechanical engineering, industrial design and manufacturing drawings / documentation. Design sample holders for electron microscopes requires the ability to work with materials such as aluminum and titanium. The low vacuum environment also means that materials must have very limited outgassing, which requires careful selection of any materials used in the design. The extremely small size of the volume that the sample holder can occupy means that we just didn’t have the room for standard engineering approaches in order to fit tilt mechanisms, seals, gas / liquid paths and electronics into volumes smaller than your thumb. Finding and using materials intended for low vacuum environments and high energy particle barriers, such as lead, require careful research and planning for their environmental / safety and production requirements.


Capabilities Applied / Processes

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Mechanical Drawings / Documentation, Low Volume Manufacturing, PCB Layout, Wiring Drawings

Project Scope

Conceptual, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Outgassing Analysis, Materials Selection, Gasket Design, Drawings and Manufacturing Documentation.


Microscopes, Electron, TEM / SEM

Prototype Provided

Working Prototypes

Processes Used to Build Prototype

CNC Machining, Manual Machining, Lead Casting / Machining, PCB Layout, PCB Assembly, PCB Fabrication