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2013 Montie Design Capabilities Statement

Product Design 101 Seminar Outline

How To Prepare Your Solid Model for Rapid Machining
Developing the X-Rest
Outsourcing Product Design
Cable Bundle Geometry Effects
Design and Profitability

Economic Impact of Montie Gear AR-Rest
Economic Impact of Montie Gear X-Rest
Economic Impact of Montie Gear Tree Rest


Referrals & Reviews Part 1
Referrals & Reviews Part 1
Cost to Manufacture vs MSRP
Understanding Economics Helps Us Design Products with Impact
Building Sales with Test & Evaluation Units
Delivering Great Customer Service
Interviews as Part of the Product Design Process
Rapid Prototyping Options
I Need A Prototype
Understanding Your Customer
Product Development Process
Using Style Boards for Happier Clients and Better Results