Its Tough to Predict the Future – Price of Food is Going Up, but How Much

We all like to eat. We all need to eat. How much will food cost this year? Next year?

I’ll make the argument that we, as a nation, have passed a historical inflection point. Its our job as men (and women too) to prepare for difficult times. I’ll also make the argument that preparing for difficult times is a moral obligation as a citizen of the United States.

The price of food is going up. Right now be price of food is up at least 3%.

Lets spend a few minutes and talk about why the price of food may skyrocket and what you can do to have a more resilient family, community and nation.

Check out my podcast and let me know what you think. I’ll be happy when we get to the point where my biggest concern is what Montie Gear product we just built or what trail to hike to where to go camping. However, for now, we need to become more resilient. Lets take that journey together!