Podcast: Style Boards Make for Happier Clients

Using Style Boards for Happier Clients and Better Results

In this podcast, Montie shares his views on why style boards should be used in the design process, as well as gives a few tips to as to how to help implement them into your design process.


Internship Update

The Making of the Survival Hatchet

I’m Daniel Lecky, a 2012 graduate from NCSU College of Design, and I am an intern here at Montie Design. This project was an idea I had to add to the line of Montie Gear products. Introducing, the Survival Hatchet! It is a 10.6″ long Hatchet with a long para-chord wrapped handle with a knife, magnesium and flint for fire starting and a whet stone for sharpening the blade, all concealed in the hatchet’s sheath. Below are a series of sketches and images from conceptual to ideation to modeling stages.

Here I thought of concealing a spear head along with fishing wire and matches within the handle but it would be too awkward to get to everything quickly and comfortably.


The blade is too large and there is a concern about stability with there being such a sharp angle right under the blade.


Solving the stability issue, this new version of the hatchet has a unique angle to the handle and a solid look.


These are a series of Sheath sketches to determine how the knife and assorted survival stones can be packaged together.


Here is a print out of the 3D model with sheath sketches. The sheath is drawn on top of the drawing with specific components labeled and sent off to a leather shop to construct the case. However, the hatchet was too heavy and bulky. Redesign!


The Survival Hatchet! It is much slimmer, weighing 1.45lbs as opposed to the previous 2.4lbs, yet still very solid and structurally sound. There are spaces provided for a Carabiner clip or rope to loop through to carry the hatchet. There are also small holes for the paracord to tie through.