August 2012 Newsletter

Modeling and Simulation

for DOD Needed


On July 17, Company President Montie Roland served on an information technology panel discussing modeling and simulation at the North Carolina Advanced Technologies Symposium focusing on the future advanced technology needs of DOD and other federal agencies, hosted by U.S. Senator Richard Burr.  Topics and presenters during the panel discussion included Epic Games, RTI International, and other cutting edge software for modeling and simulation, especially as they related to DOD projects and needs.  Approximately 400 people attended the greater event at The Friday Center in Chapel Hill.

Montie Design was proud to share our ‘big picture’ mentality when focusing on something specific like modeling and simulation to address changing usability issues, especially in the fluid military and defense space. As generalists, the Montie Design team operates in multiple industries and looks to vacuums in trends, bringing a unique third-party perspective and experience of other industries into consideration of clients’ product concepts.  Oftentimes requiring a cross-functional team involving software, electronic/circuit design, firmware, mechanical, industrial design (ID), and PCB layout contributors, these projects necessitate taking a product-to-marketplace approach, as opposed to a technology-only focus.

An expansion of the NCMBC’s Federal IT Symposia in 2010 and 2011, the objective of the Federal Advanced Technologies Symposium is to establish a dialogue between industry, academia and government and form partnerships to address the future needs of the federal government to meet the challenges ahead.


Montie Design Joins PDI

We are proud to announce that Montie Design has joined the Partnership for Defense Innovation (PDI), a tax exempt 501 c(3) organization which promotes economic development in the defense space.  The organization, based in Fayetteville, provides a full-service engineering and design facility with a staff compromised of former Special Forces / Special Mission Unit operators, academically trained engineers and technicians offering expertise in Research Development Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E), Integration of emerging Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) and Government off the Shelf (GOTS) technologies with specific application to Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Military operations and systems integration.

With the work Montie Design is doing in the product design, defense and technology sectors, a close working relationship with NC PDI is essential to better serving our customers by keeping up with best practices, industry trends and new technologies specific to military needs.


Spring Creek Facility Rolling Along

In our June newsletter, we announced our new rapid manufacturing facility in Spring Creek situated in the beautiful Troublesome Gap area in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Since that time, we have conducted training around producing high-quality bags for our best-selling Montie Gear slingshots, X-Rest, and AR-Rest products and successfully installed equipment such as two upholstery-grade sewing machines.  We have received the first sample bags here in Morrisville that were produced in Spring Creek, and are in the process of launching full-scale production in a matter of weeks.

We are excited at the prospects for this urban-rural partnership to help us better accommodate our clients’ fluctuating workload while bringing part-time jobs to this mountain community of very capable, highly trained individuals, effectively bridging the gap between prototypes and full scale production.  Let  us know how we can put this facility to work for you!


ProductCampRTP A Great Success

In June Montie Design participated in ProductCampRTP, a half-day, fun-filled experience designed to sharpen product development, ideation and design skills at the beautiful Cambria Suites hotel in Morrisville.  Thanks to Cambria Suites for their outstanding hospitality to all the participants who participated in three design games running at the same time.

Approximately 50 individuals floated between the different games, thinking about designs in different ways.   It was a great way to share skills and knowledge while networking with peers and making new contacts.  By actively participating in regional and national industry educational and networking opportunities, Montie Design is happy to provide our insights and experience to help a multitude of product design-related communities achieve excellence.


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Internship Progress 2

My summer internship is wrapping up! In this post you can see how we have defined our product vision and how it is starting to come to life. What started off as one product has developed into three separate but interconnected products. They will be the Utility Shelf, Camping Sink, and the Utility Strap. We see these products working great independently, but also coming together to create a center for camping activity. The Utility Shelf acts as the base for bringing the other two products together. We started designing the shelf first and have taken it through the prototype stage and hope to have a final version out soon. The other two products will be developed later as “accessories” to the shelf. We’re excited to see the results, and to hear what people think!