Single Point Rifle Sling Prototype

Hey Guys! I’m the last of the summer interns to introduce myself! My Name is Brett Holmes. I’m an Ohio native (GO BUCKEYES!) enjoying my new home here in North Carolina.  I’m a Drafting and Design student at ITT-Tech. I’ve been working on a single point rifle sling. This includes any rifle from a hunting rife to an AR. It makes long hikes and foot marches easier to bear by taking the weight off of the users arms and puts it on their backpack or vest.

Strap Assembly Pic 1

In this picture i was working on assembly instructions for the slings 5-50 cord section.

Strap assembly pic 2

Here’s the finished 5-50 cord section of the sling. As you can imagine this was a fairly complicated pattern to learn however, I enjoyed the challenge! I’m looking forward to keeping you guys updated on the progress of the Sling!! Check in next week for more pictures and news on the great things happening here at Montie Design!!


Brett Holmes