Slingshot Montie Design has a passion for design and a mandate for community involvement. The slingshots we designed for Montie Gear were the product of a partnership between our student design contest winner and our President. The Gloveshot slingshot was a student design contest winner. Nick and Montie worked together during his internship to develop the Y-Shot and then the Gloveshot. Nick went continued to work as a part time employee until graduation.


Capabilities Applied / Processes

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Mechanical Drawings / Documentation, Design for Local Manufacturing, Low Volume Manufacturing, Test & Evaluation Program Mgmt / Social Review, Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, CNC Machining

Project Scope

Complete project responsibility from market analysis, concept development, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, marketing and management of the test and evaluation program / social reviews.


Consumer Product – Outdoor Sporting Goods, Slingshot

Prototype Provided

Using a local vendor for abrasive waterjet cutting for the prototypes allowed us quickly design and engineer the product and rapid move to production.

Processes Used to Build Prototype

Abrasive Waterjet, Abrasive Media Tumbling, CNC Machining, Powder Coat Finish, Anodize Finish