Industrial Design

The ApproachID

Our industrial design team approaches your product as a combination of art and science.

Life Cycle Vision – the industrial designers are responsible for looking at the product throughout its life through manufacturing, distribution, sales, specification, purchasing, end user and end of life.

Vision Keeping – we see industrial designers as vision keepers, making sure the product stays true to its focus and intent throughout the design, engineering and manufacturing process.

Sketching and Ideation – using hand and digital tools for speed and efficiency

Graphic Design – creating the graphics for labels and presentations.

Philosophy – Solve a single problem in a simple way.  If you make a product that is extremely useful in solving that one problem, then you generally have a robust product that works well in a variety of uses and contexts.


Typical Projects

Electronic Enclosures
Outdoor Sporting Goods
LED Lighting
Wearable Electronics
Camping Equipment
Firearms Accessories
Archery Accessories



Concept and Ideation Sketches (hand, marker and digital – Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign)
3D CAD Models in SolidWorks
Massing Models
Brainstorming Session Results
Personalities and Personas Analysis
SWOT Analysis
House of Quality Analysis