What I Enjoy

Work, Play, Innovate

The best innovations have their roots in the field and shop, not behind a desk.

 My license tag says it all.  I enjoy designing products.

Montie's "I Design" License Tag
Montie’s “I Design” License Tag

I am passionate about:

  • Great Design – through a variety of skills and experiences.
  • Getting Hands Dirty – Prototype, Prototype, Prototype to validate and push forward
  • Get Outdoors – play hard, join us for a Montie Gear Zombie Apocalypse Camping trip!
  • Old School Philosophy – Solve a single problem in a simple way.  If you make a product that is extremely useful in solving that one problem, then you generally have a robust product that works well in a variety of uses and contexts.
  • America – design it here, make it here and love the most awesome country in the world!
  • Faith – have personal faith in God and let drive your work ethic
  • Interns – we have the best interns you’ll find anywhere


Putting the Camp Rack and Tree Hook to use
Putting the Innovative Camp Rack and Tree Hook to the Test at a Montie Gear Event at Troublesome Gap, NC