Podcast: Rapid Prototyping Options


Please join the discussion about Rapid Prototyping options that are available for us to use in building your prototypes.

Rapid Prototyping Options


Weekly Podcast: I Just Need A Protoype

I Need A Prototype

Inventors often come to us and say “I just need a prototype.”  Lets take a look at how we can get that prototype to you.

Podcast: Understanding Your Customer

Understanding Your Customer

Understanding your customer is an important part of a successful part of a new product.  Lets take a few minutes and chat about how to do just that.  This podcast looks at one specific market (Preppers / emergency preparedness / life skills / self reliance) in detail.   Learn how to step out of your comfort zone and look a market that you may have been exposed to before.


Podcast: Style Boards Make for Happier Clients

Using Style Boards for Happier Clients and Better Results

In this podcast, Montie shares his views on why style boards should be used in the design process, as well as gives a few tips to as to how to help implement them into your design process.