Ivermectin – How Safe is It Really?

Should you take it? Or run away?

Ivermectin Toxic or Not?

Here is some great info that you may not see too many places. Do some research and then you make the decision for yourself. Chris Maretenson has a great series of videos on Covid-19 (going back to early 2020). Below is his expert analysis of studies that evaluate the safety of Ivermectin:

How Does it Work

Dr. Mobeen Syed has done a series of videos on how Ivermectin works. Here is a straightforward description of how Ivermectin can help protect you against and help your body fight COVID-19.

Does It Really Work?

With all the negative media coverage, it is reasonable to ask “does it really work” or is it just for deworming horses. Dr. Pierre Kory was called to testify before a Senate committee. Click below to hear what he had to say.

How to Get a Prescription for Ivermectin

If you think you want to take Ivermectin as preventative or a treatment, then check out the FLCC Alliance They can guide you to a doctor in your state. This doctor can set up a teleconference with you to help you determine if Ivermectin is an appropriate preventative or treatment.


Exercise Your Judgement

I’m a big believer in people. I think that you should do the research and decide for yourself. You have good judgement. Go use it. Don’t let me or some mob on Twitter or the media tell you how to think. You can decide for yourself. It may not be easy or you may be criticized but your health is important.