New Projects – Richard

Arriving as an intern at Montie Design really gets you straight into the action. I study Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University in Sweden and will spend the summer as an intern at Montie Design. Some of the smaller project us interns have started are based on accessorizing the popular Y-shot slingshot. Many ideas are flowing and below is one example which is a sight system that will be mounted on the side of the slingshot.



Ideation sketches for iron sight and mounting bracket
Mockup model using foam board and an old bracket
Mockup model using foam board and an old bracket
Quick marker sketch of fiber optic iron sight concept
Quick marker sketch of fiber optic iron sight concept

Podcast: Understanding Economics Helps Us Design Products with Impact

Lets talk about some of the misconceptions about economics and how that relates to the American political and economics systems.  One big misconception is how wealth is created.  Lets spend a few minutes and dive into the mechanisms of creating wealth.  Its important for entrepreneurs, product designers and engineers to understand how these systems work, so we can design and engineer products that have the greatest benefit for our clients and constituents.  Creation of new products is a great way to benefit our clients, their employees and the community.  Lets dive in and swim through some of these issues.

Misunderstanding Of Economics

Gathering Product Requirements Lunch and Learn taught by Andy Roth

Montie Design - Gathering Product Requirement Lunch and Learn on 4 Jun 13


Andy Roth came by on Tuesday at lunch to teach a class on Gathering Product Requirements.  He gave the talk to a full house!  Thanks for everyone who came and participated.  The talk was great and I really learned a lot.  Here are some takeaways from the talk:


Product Requirements Gathering Presentation by Andy Roth – a Power Point presentation

Watch the  Jeanne Robertson clip shown during the presentation.  This clip really exemplifies how specification gathering can go wrong without timely communication.

Podcast: Building Sales with Test & Evaluation Units

Generating social reviews is a great way to economically launch your product to your market.  These reviews are also invaluable when customers are making a purchasing decision.  We drive these expert reviews with our test and evaluation program.  Montie Gear uses test and evaluation units to drive social reviews.  Lets spend a few minutes talking about how that program works and who should participate.  This program has been very successful for Montie Gear, driving sales to over 100k in 3.5 years with almost no advertising.

Call 1-800-722-7987 today or email to find out how we can do this for you.


Test & Evaluation Units